Friday, May 27, 2011

New beginnings

I am ashamed to admit that this is almost the first time since January (cannot believe the picture of Fizz in the snow) that I have sat down to write a blog. So much has happened, changed and moved forward.

Firstly I have moved to Wiltshire and into a delightful cottage (well bungalow in fact) that sits on the side of a hill with the most wonderful views; birdsong and neighbours.

Secondly I am now doing more project management (including mazes)- life never stands still and am simply loving my work. My learning is on a huge huge curve and life is exciting and challenging. I am still involved in brain injury work and love it - it makes me feel humble when I realise how challenging this condition is for families and loved ones; it certainly makes me incredibly grateful for my life and what I have.

And thirdly, I had time to go to Chelsea....... interesting.... some great ideas, and some not so good. I am just so so so grateful that I did not have to design, plant, construct a garden in those conditions. As always I am full of admiration for the contractors who make impossible designs a possibility. Always underappreciated and underrated - you deserve gold medals for dealing with the logistics, conditions (and dare I say it.... designers!!!)

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