Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It is so good to be alive day!

There is no doubt that working out on the ground keeps me sane. Today was positively mild at about 10 degrees, and whilst admittedly wet or rather damp there are signs of life everywhere. I have seen my first snowdrops; the bluebells are starting to push their way through the ground as are the crocus'. Why I wonder have crocus' become so unfashionable. They are some of the unsung heroes or heroines of the plant world. They come in stunning colours in either spring or autumn, and what to my mind is one of their best features, is that their leaves are fine and not that noticeable so there is hardly any mess to clear up. And they proliferate like mad. The secret is to plant them quite deep so that the birds don't eat them. Mind you, I have had my Jack Russell help herself to a few......... Don't be fooled by the black ear and nose - she has a degree in low canine cunning!

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