Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year

I feel that I should start the New Year off with an apology and not a new resolution. I have been out of communication for several months - all of which convinces me that time is passing faster and faster - for a number of reasons. Primarily, I have been in the throes of passing part of the business over to Carolyn Powell at Shrublands all of which has now happened, and we are both looking forward to a fruitful new partnership. And secondly, I have been working on several new projects, trying to start my correspondence design course (I live in hope), and organising my life. And in all of this of course we had the huge snow fall, which was simply wonderful, amazing and spectacular. If it is going to snow it might as well do it properly. And to be truthful, I am very fortunate having lived part of my life in Scotland, so am not unused to snow and ice. And if we think about it we used to have a fair amount of it (well if you are my age you will remember it!). But we have become so used to balmy winters that we have forgotten the days when we all used to wear 5 layers; lose 30% of our garden plants; have to put water out several times a day for the birds; and regularly take the ice off the windscreens. The upshot of it all is of course that when spring comes it is all the better for it. I have attached a few photos of some of the area around us, which looked absolutely stunning in the snow.


  1. After all of the cold months, most garden lovers are probably ready to start thinking about the coming planting season. The good news is that there are projects that can be done during the winter in preparation for the coming spring.

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  2. Hello again D, figured you were well busy in the aftermaths of the Garden Show. Starting to order seeds for the new year here and looking forward to it. I grew up in MN, where the weather gets very harsh, so the amount of fuss we get when there's all of three inches of snow utterly baffles me.

    Here's to a good new year for everyone.

  3. I was indeed flat out and have finally drawn breath - and so so much is happening. I am involved in some new projects, trying to reorganise my life and getting out on the ground occasionally. I could not agree more about the snow - people are absolutely ridiculous about the way they deal (or rather don't deal) with it. I even saw someone in high heels walking along an icy pavement - not for long mind you.

    So here's to 2011