Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year

A very belated happy New Year to you all. And I feel that it is one. Despite the dreadful, dreadful weather. Looking at my November blog it was not much better around then either. But we did have a beautiful sunrise this morning, and spring is starting to stir, just in time for a winter blast. The catkins are already showing, some of my primroses are out, and I saw the first snowdrops yesterday. There are some plus sides with this weather..... (really). The water on the spider's webs is stunning; we shouldn't have hosepipe bans this summer; and many of my ferns have survived the winter - so far. But on a more serious note. How do people live in cities and keep sane when the weather is like this? At least we have the countryside to look at as we drive or walk around. In cities there is very little indeed, unless you have a back garden (and increasingly these are paved over); a park to look out on or a common. Certainly the elements do not have to be braved in the same way since you can walk from bus, train, taxi from door to office or shop and back again. But with this grey sky, grey light, and grey buildings I think that I would simply give up the will to live...... So despite the miserable weather, I would rather get soaking wet on a windy day sloshing through mud and puddles out in the countryside, then live my days cocooned in a grey city.....

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