Thursday, August 2, 2012

So very exciting.....

Those of you who know me at all will know how passionate I am about helping those who suffer from PTSD, combat stress or any of the myriad problems that beset our Service personnel when they are in as well as out of our Services. I am absolutely over the moon that I am going to be assisting the Stoll Foundation set up a Gardening Club. The aim of this is to help them improve their garden in London, grow plants and assist them with looking after their gardens, however they choose to do that. There are one or two other things in the pipeline too, but I have to be patient about that and cannot tell anyone yet.... watch this space.


  1. Congratulations -Can't think of anyone more suitable for the task.

  2. Tess thank you so much. I am so excited about this work!!!

  3. Huzzah! I'm so glad to hear this, Dorinda, well done!