Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Having had a little time to sit down this week and look at plants in the garden there are some that seem to be to me much more than mere plants. They have a quality that is both restful and almost magical. One such is Alchemilla Mollis, which goes by the preferable name of 'lady's mantle'. I know it can be a ground cover thug, but it produces glorious wafty, clouds of lime green flowers that look stunning in borders, or cut, in vases. I love also the slightly acidic smell of it, and the way it looks brilliant with any colour at all. It is also incredibly generous in its growth.... no sooner have you cut it back than it is putting on new growth. But the most enchanting thing about it, is the way that the slightest bit of dew or rain beads on its leaves. In medieval times they used to believe that if you went out and collected the dew it helped your skin, and the water was popular with alchemists, who thought that the dew drops on its leaves could help their work. I just love the way that the water looks like small quicksilver drops of mercury. An absolute 'must have' plant in anyone's garden.


  1. Hi Dorinda,

    Great to see your posting. I haven't had much to do with Alchemilla Mollis, more Acanthus Mollis which has similar qualities. Hope you're progressing with the garden design you mentioned in your last post. I would love you to post pictures upon the projects completion.

  2. Thanks Tess. Acanthus Mollis I have used as well - it is a very useful plant. It will be a bit of an ongoing project. We are starting in a couple of weeks and will commence with cleaning out a few beds and generally tidying up. I am so looking forward to it - there are some great people there, and it is going to be so so interesting working with them, and seeing how the whole thing develops. I will definitely keep you posted!