Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the amended plans for the Combat Stress Therapeutic Garden have met with the approval of the RHS. Not only that, but one of our suppliers, Cirencester Civil Engineering have been absolutely wonderful and are donating the hard landscaping elements of the garden. So the garden is a huge leap nearer becoming a reality; thank you so much Mike. It makes a huge difference when you work with people who understand the vision and reality of what we are trying to do. The garden courtyard at Tyrwhitt House the headquarters of Combat Stress is an arid building site. Scarcely conducive to getting the best out of rehabilitation or even being able to relax. Now all we need is to get the plants sorted out. So a huge thank you to Mike and to all our other suppliers who are being so brilliant such as Geotextile (who supply pond liners amongst other things); Mobilane who are supplying the ivy screens; and Gaze Burvill who are lending us some of the furniture. A huge huge thank you.

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