Thursday, March 18, 2010

A step closer

Events are moving apace. The garden for our autistic client is now a reality, with plans to put the fence and level off the ground starting on 12 April - so fingers crossed for good weather, good machinery, lots of muscle and general good humour as it is going to be two days of very hard work.

And secondly, the Combat Stress garden is inching closer to happening! I love working with people who 'can do'. It makes such a difference that half glass full rather than the half glass empty way of looking at life. I had a meeting with Mike Sugg, Leigh (sorry Leigh I never did get your surname) and Peter Wenham of Adbruf to look at the logistics of creating this garden. And it is suddenly so close to happening that you can 'feel it'. We have a couple of dedicated growers nurturing our plants to greater and better things; the trees we are still sourcing as they have to be spectacular - but not so big that we cannot get them in! And we are now looking at the hows and wherefores. So fingers crossed and we will keep you posted.

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