Monday, May 27, 2013

Chelsea Flower Show

This year I went to Chelsea without a programme and with my mother. And in case that has you thinking, it should. Firstly the RHS in their wisdom decided to up the price of the programme to £10 each - I have no idea what they were thinking of. The poor programme sellers did not quite get verbal abuse, but it was not far from it! So no programme.
Secondly, my mother is in a wheelchair. Now to those of you who think that sometimes disabled access is made too much of, I can absolutely categorically tell you that it isn't! Have you ever tried to wield a wheelchair in a tightly knit throng where people stand 5 deep round show gardens. I will apologise for the number of legs,heels and knees of people I hurt, and would like to thank those lovely people who held throngs aside for us, made room for us and were generally incredibly kind and helpful. As for those others; they shall remain nameless. I just hope they get to experience trying to see life from a wheelchair - good luck.
Le Jardin de Yorkshire - this was one of the few gardens that made me smile. I loved the simplicity of it; the jokiness of the whole concept, and the brilliant wire sheep with a gorgeous dry stone wall. The bicycle wheels reminded me of the Olympics and were an amusing joke on the whole concept. I love the Artisan Gardens; they are always chockablock full of good ideas, and you can get up close to them and really see the detail. Not to be missed
The SeeAbility Garden I thought particularly striking, since its concepts were rooted in reality. The reality of how you see, and how your perception of what you can see is altered by your eyesight and the problems that can occur. Clever, original and striking planting.

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