Thursday, May 10, 2012


I have to admit to having had a 'fiddle'. Somewhat frustrated at my inability to find pictures to improve a gardening concept I am working on and with my creativity in full flight, I decided to update my blog design. I hope you like it! I would be interested in any feedback you might have about what you would like to see more of on here - or even less of! I will try and get some more pictures put on here, particularly at the moment when the countryside is exploding into fabulous colour; the intensity of the green is mind blowing and the primroses, wood anemones, and violets seem to have lasted for months. The year is cracking on, with Chelsea Flower Show in a couple of weeks time; I will report back on what I have seen there.


  1. Pictures would be lovely - I've a friend who has been in hospital for months and we've been giving her loads of photos and paintings of bluebells as they're her favourite. It's a bit of a bummer that many of my friends are in hospital at the moment....

    How about some more designs of before-and-after? I know you never got a chance to see my garden once it was done but I still have the photos knocking about, could send them to you.

    Do take care - Jareth just saw your pic on the blog here and said "I know her!" *bless*

    1. That would be lovely Rose; I must have a guddle around in my files and not only find the photos I took of your garden at the start, but also what else I have got there. I have been very lazy about updating my website, but must do something about it!

      Do give my love to Jareth - he is such a lovely guy.

  2. Woo Hoo! Love the new blog design! Looking forward to my more posts (time allowing).

  3. thanks Tess. Much appreciated. I have been out photographing the unfurling of fern leaves - they look positively prehensile. I will have to post them tomorrow.