Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interesting times

If I ever, ever doubted about the importance of the work I do, then the last 4 weeks have shown me the truth of it. I have been lucky enough to have had a new hip replacement, which despite my moans and groans regarding pain, immobility and frustration and not being able to do what I want to do NOW, has gone very well. I was also lucky enough to have had the operation done privately which meant that the room that I came round in after the op had a window which looked out onto the street, and a large plane tree. Subsequently I moved to a friends house where I could look out onto a garden, and my bedroom (downstairs) looked out onto a conifer hedge. The latter became of huge importance when I was lying in bed (for a fair few hours a day) as it harboured several blackbirds and other small birds, who were busy thinking that spring was not far away; cue snow! And now I am home with my stick, enforced 'taking it easy' and the every changing scenario of spring seen through my windows. (Above is one of the spectacular sunsets we have been having seen through one of my windows.

All of which reinforces what I think is so important. Hours spent lying on my back and in pain was made bearable by what I could see out of my window. Clouds, sky, the shifting of branches in the wind enabled me to shift my focus to something else other than my battered body. You can call it what you like (and all sorts of experts put all sorts of fancy names on it) but it seems to me that being able to see outside, to see people, plants, animals and the shifting cloud patterns, shadows, light - all of which when we are healthy we so take for granted - provides a panacea for pain and sickness that is hugely underestimated by health professionals, architects, and planners.


  1. Good heavens! I had no idea you were having a hip replacement! I'm glad you're having a good recovery and hope you're up and about soon, but you are right. The garden in Salisbury was wonderful and even if all I could do was lie on my daybed I could look out at it and marvel. The current space is mostly decking (not my favourite but oh well), however as this is a bungalow which has been passed down through the hands of many a pensioner, there are so many bulbs out in the front garden that I can't wait to see the riot of colour they'll bring.

    Rest well if you can - you needn't do it gracefully! - and mend. Rest. Wait. Heal. It has been my own mantra.

  2. Many thanks Rose, it was all long, long overdue. I wish I had some patience though.... it is definitely not my middle name. I hope life is getting better - at least spring is on the way although looking at the forecast I think we are back to snow in about 2 weeks!