Monday, August 1, 2011


Over the last few months I have been extremely fortunate in working with Adrian Fisher Design on a maze for the National Trust at Speke Hall. This opened on July 8th. What a great learning curve and a fantastic experience to create such a long-term legacy in todays world which seems to focus increasingly on short-term solutions.

I was lucky enough to work with brilliant contractors (Wright Landscapes) who made the journey to Liverpool more than worth while. The project was completed on time and looks fantastic - so a huge thank you guys! We have gates, bridges, puzzles and wind vanes. We overcame archaelogical constraints; the weather (incredibly hot and then cold); planning concerns and all those wonderful bits and pieces that go with working on a project! But I hope that you think, looking at the pictures, it was worth it. Do go and visit Speke Hall - it is a medieval miracle just behind John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. An interesting juxtoposition if ever there was one!

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